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  What Makes a Plant Healthy?
  What is Biological Terrain?
  What Makes a Human Cell Healthy?
  Why Have Biological Terrain Assessed? Personalized Health Plans
  How I Monitor Your Biological Terrain?
  What does the QFA 300™ Device Measure?
  Why Have Biological Terrain Assessed? Individualized Health Plans
  Making an Appointment with Halina
  A Client’s Biological Terrain Testimonial

What Makes a Plant Healthy?
To enhance your understanding of the science of Biological Terrain, let me compare its concepts to the science of horticulture. Plants and human cells have something important in common – they both need healthy, nutrient-rich environment in order to grow and maintain health.

The soil or terrain surrounding the roots provides the plant with the nutrients and water that it needs to thrive. These nutrients and water are absorbed from the soil by the roots and are sent through the stem into the branches, leaves, flowers and fruits. The vitality of the soil improves the probability that the plant will grow and flourish.

When a healthy plant is placed in an environment of healthy soil and when it is properly cared for (with a proper amount of water and fertilizer) – it flourishes. It enjoys high resistance to disease and to opportunistic microbes. The vitality of the soil’s terrain, therefore, is essential to the overall health of the plant.

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What is Biological Terrain?
Similar to a plant which is nourished by the soil, a human cell is bathed in a nutrient-filled fluid, called interstitial fluid or Biological Terrain. This interstitial fluid (Biological Terrain) nourishes the 100 trillion cells in your body. It delivers to the cells electrolytes, minerals, vitamins, other nutrients, enzymes, hormones and water. The same interstitial fluid (Biological Terrain) transports the substances and waste products the cells release. These substances enter the blood, urine, lymphatic fluid and saliva for proper utilization and disposal.

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What Makes a Human Cell Healthy?
When a human cell is placed in a healthy environment (a nourishing Biological Terrain), it – like the plant – will thrive. Essential nutrients will flow into the cell, and waste products will flow out. This balanced exchange enables the cell to grow and reproduce, to resist microbes and disease and to experience longevity.

On the other hand, when a healthy cell lives in stressful conditions in unhealthy Biological Terrain that lacks the proper balance of nutrients, hydration and pH (acid/alkaline balance), it loses its vitality and fails to thrive. Too few as well as too many nutrients and substances in the terrain may interfere with the cell’s abilities to keep the critical balance of elements it needs to survive. With prolonged exposure to these stressful conditions, the probability that the cell will lose its vitality and the body will start premature aging and develop illness increases significantly. With a lowered vitality and resistance, the cell – like the plant – becomes susceptible to the effects of microbes and organisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungus.

A compromised terrain is less equipped to support the health of the trillions of cells that rely upon it for nourishment and support.

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Why Have Biological Terrain Assessed?
Personalized Health Plans

Each person is biologically and chemically unique. Although bodies and functions appear to be similar, Biological Terrain demonstrates that each person’s biochemistry responds differently to stress, diet, change, health and illness. The biochemistry of each person responds differently to such factors as long-term exposure to heavy metals and toxins in the air, food and water. These chemical agents may damage the cells, interfering with their abilities to function and maintain health. Monitoring the biological fluids may provide an in-depth look at some of their biochemical effects.

Monitoring the Biological Terrain provides valuable information about the underlying factors that may influence the overall state of your vitality and well-being.

• If you are a healthy and health-conscience person – Biological Terrain Assessment uncovers the unbalanced biochemistry before it leads to illness and before any symptoms appear. Thanks to this knowledge, you may take steps to balance your biochemistry and prevent illness.

• If you are not a healthy person – Biological Terrain Assessment may identify the underlying root causes of your existing health problems and weaknesses. Thanks to this knowledge, you may take steps to balance your biochemistry and overcome your health problems.

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How I Monitor Your Biological Terrain
To monitor your Biological Terrain I use FDA-approved laboratory equipment – Quantitative Fluid Analysis QFA 300™ which measures biochemical values of your bodily fluids, saliva and urine. These values represent the biochemical changes in your body which may lead to disease or may contribute to an existing disease.

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What does the QFA 300™ Device Measure?
The analysis I perform measures the values of pH, redox and resistivity (see below). These measurements may offer valuable information about the cells in your body and the terrain they bath in - the electrons, minerals, hydration and nutrients.

A Biological Terrain Assessment does not diagnose an illness or disease. It monitors specific parameters of your Biological Terrain.

pH: This is a measurement of the alkaline-acid balance of your body’s fluids. Specific pH levels are necessary to ensure optimum function of your body. Many functions in your body are pH dependent, e.g. digestion and absorption of foods and nutrients, activation of enzymes, the binding of hormones with their receptor sites.

Most people who have unbalanced pH are “acidic.” This condition forces the body to borrow alkalizing minerals (including calcium, potassium and magnesium) from vital organs and bones to buffer the acid and safely remove it from the body. High acidity may weaken all the major body systems, especially the digestive, intestinal, circulatory, respiratory, structural and immune systems.

Redox (rH2): This measurement provides data on the level of electrons in your fluids. Electrons are essential for life. Long-term or chronic exposure to such factors as stress, poor diets, environmental and chemical toxins (such as pesticides, herbicides, food additives, fertilizers, drugs, fuels, air pollution and heavy metals) and damaging organisms (such as viruses, bacteria and fungi) may interfere with the cells’ abilities to produce energy. Over time, this may contribute to chronic fatigue, low energy conditions and lack of vitality.

Resistivity (r): This is a measurement of the levels of minerals in your fluids. Minerals are needed for many critical actions and reactions in your body, as well as for building and maintaining bone and muscle tissue. Levels too high may contribute to congestion and stagnation; levels too low may contribute to demineralization and malabsorption – all of which may interfere with the cells’ abilities to function optimally.

When fluids become congested with too many minerals, congestion and stagnation may occur. As Robert C. Greenberg, Ph.D., a biochemist and the inventor of the QFA 300™, stated, “When the interstitial fluid is congested, everything stops; nothing improves.” If you want to heal from any ill condition, the congestion must be reversed. Otherwise, you may take dozens of nutritious supplements to heal your ill condition, but these nutrients have no proper access to the cells. Similarly, the waste from the cells is not properly eliminated and stagnation develops.

I find this condition in many of my clients – and it is the first one that needs to be corrected to initiate the healing process.

Contrary to stagnation, too few minerals in the fluids may lead to demineralization. Without enough minerals circulation in your body and enzyme activation is compromised; bone and muscle development suffer; your body’s maintenance is jeopardized.

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Why Have Biological Terrain Assessed? Individualized Health Plans

Because your biochemistry is unique, the values I recieve from the QFA™ device help me design the nutritional program that is best suited for your particular needs.

From the information I presented you may realize that healing the body is like solving a jigsaw puzzle – we need to find and address all the “pieces.”

Dr. Greenberg testifies, “The healing process is a lifetime journey; there are no quick fixes. The Biological Terrain Assessment report will often time progress like peeling back an onion – one layer will frequently lead to a new layer and a deeper pattern. Sometimes the next layer will actually be more severe that the initial layer that was being treated.”

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Making an Appointment with Halina

I hope you are convinced that the Biological Terrain Assessment would be a valuable test for you. By finding the root causes of your ailments and balancing your body’s biochemistry, you achieve and maintain balanced health. I strongly recommend the Biological Terrain Assessment. Please email me at or call me at 605-342-7543 for an appointment.

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A Client’s Biological Terrain Testimonial

My Health Conditions and Concerns in July 2000:


  • Taking prescription medication for anxiety-depression (eating disorders since the age of 16 – anorexia, bulimia)
  • digestive / colon disruptions (irritable bowel, spastic colon: diarrhea/constipation, stomach cramps, lactose intolerant, numerous food allergies)
  • pre-menopausal / hormonal imbalances
  • female concerns due to 7 pregnancies
  • seasonal outdoor allergies
  • anemia,
  • skin eruptions / cysts-acne, [changed skin coloration to grayish]
  • muscle cramping
  • sciatica with right leg numbness
  • chronic lower back pain
  • hypothyroidism symptoms that went undetected through general medical lab work
  • fatigue
  • degeneration of skeletal and muscular system (osteoporosis, osteoarthritis)
  • hair loss

  •   As most people can attest to, we look forward to turning 18 and then we can’t wait to turn the magic 21 years old. By the time we’re turning 30 years of age we may have our career under way and possibly a family.

    As a woman turning the BIG 4-0 (!) it is a different story. These are the years we look at the mirror and wonder what happened or how do I turn back the clock. Our physical health has begun to slow down and we’re looking for that magic pill to usually drop off the weight and get the energy back that we had at the prime age of 18. Another words, S.O.S.

    This is the time we turn to the magazines, TV, friends, and anyone or anything that will give us the quick fix to our sluggish health. Return visits to our local doctors only leave us frustrated as well as the doctor telling us it’s all in our head and that we’re a picture of health.

    Does this story sound familiar to you?

    I decided when I turned 40 that if I’m going to be around for years to come, something had better change with my general well-being or I would end up another statistic to cancer or other disabling disease.

    In July of 2000, I visited the Herbs store and underwent my initial nutrition counseling with Halina Hladysz, M.S., Clinical Herbalist. What a wake-up call. I decided to stop leaving my health and well-being to the doctors I’ve seen and all the prescription pills they sent me home with.

    Halina has helped to educate me about how my body is reacting to the environment, foods, allergies, stressors of a past lifestyle in order to instruct me on how I must take charge of what I’m putting into my body in hopes of slowing down the aging and degeneration of my whole body and begin to repair and strengthen the body God has given to me.

    Degeneration of our body through aging happens over a lifetime. However, my lifestyle was aging my body by over 20 years. We can’t turn back the clock but we can slow down the whole process, repair, re-strengthen and rejuvenate our body through responsible choices.

    It has been 4 years since I initially walked into Halina’s office. In September of 2002 she moved her Clinic to her home to give more individualized counseling and has added the Biological Terrain Assessment testing to her program. This testing along with my progress report and counseling has given me actual numbers to look at and to see my results of a changed lifestyle through education, counseling and natural herbal supplements that I have taken to help cleanse, detoxify, repair and strengthen. You see, “There is no Magic Pill that works overnight.” I chose alternate, Natural Way to heal my body from the inside, out. I know that the process of change will happen each day when I make responsible choices and feed my body nutritional foods and supplements with natural herbs.

    Today, 4 years later, I feel so much happier, healthier physically, mentally and spiritually. My general appearance and well-being is like having a light switched back on. You now can understand why a testimony was necessary for me to relay to others, how important taking one-day-at-a-time makes all the difference to your health and well-being.

    , Cindy V.
    August 13, 2003

    PS. Get Smart about Your Health!
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