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Halina Hladysz, M.S.
Clinical Herbalist
Member American Herbalist Guild
Master of Holistic Healing

Phone: 605.718.5719
Rapid City, SD 57702

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I recommend only the highest quality encapsulated and tinctured herbs and natural supplements from established reliable sources. These sources, such as Nature’s Sunshine Products, Herbalist & Alchemist and Cedar Bear Naturals, select the finest raw herbal and natural materials and subject them to a series of in-depth quality control tests to ensure correct species, potency and purity. Most of these supplements are available at the local health food stores.

Supplements I Recommend
Why Nature’s Sunshine Supplements?
Nature’s Sunshine Product Quality
Impressions by Halina
Nature’s Sunshine Product Variety
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Testimonials of Satisfied Nature’s Sunshine Product Users
Unsafe Products on the Market by Julian Whitaker, M.D.

Supplements I Recommend

I recommend only the highest quality encapsulated and tinctured herbs and natural supplements from established reliable sources. These sources, such as Nature’s Sunshine Products, Herbalist & Alchemist and Cedar Bear Naturals, select the finest raw herbal and natural materials and subject them to a series of in-depth quality control tests to ensure correct species, potency and purity. Most of these supplements are available at the local health food stores.

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Why Nature’s Sunshine Supplements?

More than 30 years ago, Gene and Kristine Hughes sat by their kitchen table, debating how Gene could swallow a spoonful of cayenne pepper that a neighbor said would help his stomach ulcers. In a moment of ingenuity, Kristine suggested putting the pepper in an easy-to-swallow gelatin capsule, and this is how the revolutionary idea of encapsulating herbs was born. Gene chose to share what he learned with others, having a desire to “help people.” Kristine and Gene began a small family business, which since then has become the Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP) international company.

Kristine says, "Nature's Sunshine has always been about people. Our creed stresses helping others to help themselves to a healthier, happier life. That hasn't changed."

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Nature’s Sunshine Product Quality

Natural supplements are not required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be tested. That is why many unsafe products are on the market. Many companies in the herbal industry rely solely on their vendors for quality assurance; however – with several in-house quality assurance laboratories – no other health products manufacturer in the United States can compare to Nature’s Sunshine.

To begin with, NSP purchases its raw materials from the most reputable suppliers in the world. Then, these raw materials are quarantined and inspected. Each raw product is subjected to numerous tests, where it is evaluated according to its physical properties, stability, purity and potency of marker compounds. NSP rejects four to five percent of the raw materials it receives because they do not meet the company’s pharmaceutical-like specifications.

NSP not only tests for what should be in the product, but for what should not be there. The foreign materials, bacteria and fungus testing is as strict as the quality assurance testing. “Safety is our number one concern. Nature’s Sunshine will not cut corners,” shares Jerry McLaughlin, Vice President of Research and Development and Chief Scientific Officer.

The highest quality standards and the laboratory tests have brought Nature’s Sunshine to the top of the industry. In fact, the company was awarded the 2002 Manufacturer of the Year recognition from Nutritional Outlook.

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Impressions by Halina

I have been using Nature’s Sunshine herbal and other natural supplements for my family members, my clients and myself since 1989. Hundreds upon hundreds of people have greatly benefited from using Nature’s Sunshine supplements – many achieved optimum health. I have an entire book of testimonials written by satisfied clients. Nature’s Sunshine’s commitment to quality, service and integrity has established the legacy of caring and sharing and has become their motto. Even now, as a leader in the supplement industry, Nature’s Sunshine continues to care about people and share quality products and research-based knowledge to help people enhance their lives. Nature’s Sunshine’s supplements work!

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Nature’s Sunshine Product Variety

Nature’s Sunshine produces over 600 products, most of them medicinal supplements to improve bodily functions of all organs and systems. They carry single herbs and their combinations, Chinese herbs, liquid herbs, essential aromatherapy oils, homeopathic remedies, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, enzymes, probiotics (“good bacteria”) and weight-loss products (many designed to improve the body’s metabolism). In addition, they offer a reverse osmosis water purifying system.

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Purchase Nature’s Sunshine Products at Wholesale

You have two ways to purchase Nature's Sunshine supplements and their other products at wholesale:

1. If you know the supplements you are interested in and already are familiar with their medicinal properties,
     then visit directly my Nature's Sunshine website. Click on the "Shop Now" and proceed.

2. If you are interested in shopping combined with finding comprehensive scientific and university research
     information regarding any of the Nature's Sunshine supplements - whether it is a single herb, herbal
     combination, vitamin, mineral, etc. - then access Nature's Sunshine Master Reference with Shopping
     System. Add all products into your cart and hit "Checkout". This system will switch you directly to the
     Nature's Sunshine website. All the items you picked up are now in your Nature's Sunshine cart. Thus:

     - If you are a Nature's Sunshine member, just sign in and continue shopping or going to checkout.
     - If you are not a member, you will have an option to become one and purchase products at wholesale prices
       (the order total has to be $40.00 or more); or, you may purchase these products at retail (but why?).

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My Nature’s Sunshine Website

Check my personalized Nature’s Sunshine website, to:

- Find information about products;
- Search by product category and/or body system;
- Analyze your health status through a questionnaire;
- Become a member;
- Purchase products at wholesale;
- Learn which products are on special;
- Download/read magazines;
- Learn about education and business opportunities;

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Testimonials of Satisfied Nature’s Sunshine Products Users

Addiction to Caffeine Overcome
My husband has been addicted to caffeine for years. He started with soda and then graduated to soda and coffee together. He decided he was ready to stop the cycle and wanted to know if there was something he could take as an herb to help. He was drinking 2 pots of coffee and 1 or 2 sodas a day. After reading and researching, I felt SUMA by NSP would be the best thing for him. I took it home on a Friday evening. He began taking the supplement that night and continued through the weekend. That Monday morning when he left for work, he “forgot” to take his coffee! It has been 2 months now and he is still not drinking soda or coffee and doesn’t feel that he wants or needs it.
K. S.

You may purchase Suma (stock number 1088-5) at wholesale at


I have been on Claritin and before that on Seldane. They did not do as well for me as SN-X [currently a similar product without Chinese ephedra is called Sinus Support EF] and ALJ. I have taken nothing else this spring and summer and have had very little trouble with my allergies.

My side effects from Claritin and Seldane were achy throat and jaw (the nurse said it was caused by allergies, not medications), but I have no throat or jaw pain now.

S. C.

You may purchase Sinus Support EF (stock number 1250-3) and ALJ (stock number 774-3) at wholesale at Click on the "Shop Now" button and proceed.

Back pain, compressed lumbar discs, sciatica
I am a 42-year-old ranch woman who has ridden horseback all of my life. I have worked outside working cattle, fencing, calving, running machinery and pitching ice out of stock tanks. It was pitching the ice chunks for the tank that brought my back problems to a head.

I had severe sciatic butt and leg pain down both legs. I could not roll over in bed, and I had to sit on hard chairs or lie flay on the floor. I had an MRI done and was diagnosed with four lumbar discs in a row that were compressed.

I came to Halina for help and she listed herbs to take and how many per day. Within a week my pain was getting better, and I was back to riding within a month. Within two months, I was functioning again as a normal ranch woman. The herbs healed the pains in both legs.

The program Halina suggested of Herbal CA, Magnesium, Glucosamine, Pro-G-Yam, PDA and KB-C saved me $40,000 worth of suggested surgery. I now only take SK-L
[presently Skeletal Strength] as a maintenance supplement and am working hard again.
K. V.

You may purchase Herbal CA (stock number 823-5) or CA, ATC conc. (stock number 826-3), Magnesium 250 mg (stock number 1786-6), Glucosamine (stock number 903-4), Pro-G-Yam 500 mg progesterone cream (stock number 4949-3), PDA (stock number 1837-5), KB-C (stock number 1883-3) or KB-C TCM conc. (stock number 1016-0), and Skeletal Strength (stock number 1806-7) at wholesale at Click on the "Shop Now" button and proceed.

More Testimonials

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Unsafe Products on the Market by Julian Whitaker, M.D.

Why is Dr. Julian Whitaker, American Leading Alternative Medicine MD Attacking His Own Industry?

“The Scam artists have invaded natural healing”

For over 20 years, I have thought tooth and nail to bring you easy access to the safe, natural cures you need.

  • I’ve sued the FDA (and won) to preserve you access to vitamins and minerals you need without a prescription from your doctor….

    Now comes the most important fight of all:

    Now that natural healing means big money, we are being invaded by crooked manufacturers and scam artists. They have flooded your health food store with inferior and even dangerous products. They’ll say almost anything to get at your money. They don’t care if you get sick. They don’t even care if you die.

    Yes, it’s THAT bad. Its’ quite likely that the vitamins you took today are actually doing you more harm than good.

    Serious problems reported with CoQ10, glucosamine,
    chondroitin, calcium, multivitamins & more
    Up to 8 out of 10 vitamin users affected

    This is the story I prayed I would never have to write. I hate to admit this, but the money grubbers and scam artists have invaded the vitamin industry. The result is a drastic drop in the quality and safety of the vitamins and supplements you depend on to heal and repair your body.

    Independent labs are finding toxic lead and mercury in popular vitamins. New reports have identified supplements that can trigger disease. Rip-off artists are “bulking-up” you vitamins with useless fillers like sand, chalk and even steamed extracts from pigs’ feet and animal bones. Those fillers can also prevent the beneficial compounds from being digested at all.

    And that’s just the tip of this dirty iceberg. Here’s what the manufacturers doesn’t want you to know…and how to protect yourself.

    Before the money-grubbers moved into our industry, you could be pretty confident that you were taking quality supplements. But that’s just not true anymore. All that new competition has forced many manufacturers to cut prices so they can stay in business. And, when you are cutting prices, you often cut corners.

    Take CoQ10 for example. If you’re concerned about heart disease, you’re depending upon that CoQ10 to help you avoid surgery or a heart attack. Yet recent, independent lab tests have revealed that many formulas contain less than 20% of the potency advertised on the label. At that rate, you could swallow almost the whole bottle and get ZERO health benefits. And the results could be disastrous. Your condition won’t improve. You’d still be a “ticking time bomb.” And ultimately, you’d be forced to surrender to toxic drugs or dangerous surgery. And that’s the very thing I’ve been fighting against for nearly 30 years.

    And it’s not just a few scam artists we’re talking about, they’re everywhere these days.

    Many Products Use Low-Grade Ingredients

    In an effort to cut their costs, many manufacturers have been using cheap ingredients imported from China. Tests have shown that inexpensive grades may contain traces of arsenic, lead, and iron. And guess what? The FDA isn’t always concerned. Why? Because for many vitamins, they don’t believe you should have more than 100 mg a day. At those low levels, contaminants aren’t considered too risky.

    But what happens when health-conscious people—like you—take higher doses (3,000 mg or more) a day? The potential from harm is multiplied at least a dozen times over. And many of today’s popular vitamins are affected.

    Potency Problems With Glucosamine and Chondroitin

    Glucosamine and Chondroitin are another example. I’ve been prescribing them for my arthritis patients for years, with amazing results. But recently, an independent analysis has demonstrated that many popular brands contain less than 10% of the active ingredients listed on the label.

    Another test, reported in the Journal of the American Nutriceutical Association, showed that only five of 32 chondroitin products tested actually delivered the chondroitin they claimed on the label. That’s just 16%! People are spending a fortune on these products, all for nothing.

    Toxic Calcium Supplements from Polluted Sea Beds

    And how about calcium? A recent report stated that the calcium found in some supplements was mined from polluted seabeds that contain toxic levels of lead. And if you get too much lead in your system, you know what it does to your body? You can suffer from fatigue, convulsions, and even permanent brain damage.

    Inferior Vitamins Means Inferior Healing Power

    When you buy inferior, useless, or even dangerous vitamins, minerals, and supplements, you’re NOT going to get the healing power you’re paying for. We’re already seeing impact among our patients. Before they come to our clinic, many have tried nutritional therapies with little or no results. So, they naturally conclude that these cures aren’t very effective.

    Then, when I give them some of the high-quality products we’ve identified, the turnaround is almost miraculous. All of a sudden, my patients understand how profoundly powerful the right natural cures can be.

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